Statutory Compliance

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We have strong practice of statutory compliance services which can be provided independently or as a part of complete HRO. Specific to statutory compliance we provide consultancy in order to have100 % compliance covering whole of India. We cover all the following but not limited to:

  • Management of your compliance’s- Renewals to timely returns and liasioning with statutory bodies
  • Auditing of your vendors and Compliance report
  • Few of the major acts that we cover:
    • Employee Social Security & Payroll
      • Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act-1952
      • Employee’s State Insurance Act-1948
    • Labor Law Compliance
      • Shops and Commercial Establishment Act-1961
      • Factories Act-1948
      • Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
      • Payment of Wages Act-1936
      • Payment of Bonus Act-1965
      • The Contract Labor (Regulation & Abolition) Act -1970
      • Equal Remuneration Act-1976
      • Maternity Benefit Act-1961
      • Workmen Compensation Act-1923
      • Labor Welfare Fund Act-1965
      • Industrial Establishment National and Festival Holidays Act – 1963
      • Profession Tax Act – 1976
      • Conducting/Attending Vendor Compliance Auditing
  • Our consultants keep updating the ever changing regulations and guide our clients to update and change as per the times.

HR Process Audits
  • Every organization is driven by processes some are deep rooted and few ad-hoc as per the situational scenarios. All managers and stakeholders strive to follow and comply to standard processes but still there are instances where the system dynamics play the role and both large as well as small organizations tend to overlook or bypass the defined systems.
  • Acculogix team work with your organization to Audit the process compliance and identify the gaps along with suggestions and advisory guidelines on bridging the gaps that includes training as well as re-designing the process as per the changing times and systems.
  • We help you improve and be compliance without loosing productivity.
  • Some of the major areas but not limited to includes:
    • Employee Records
    • Recruiting – Equal Opportunities and skill based hiring as defined by the organization
    • On-boarding compliance including document checks
    • Training and Leave Management
    • Performance Management
    • Employee Social Security/ Labor law compliance Audits
    • Employee Separation
    • Contact us today to know how we can help you do more
Audit Methodology
  • Organization Study & Mapping of process flows
  • Develop the audit plan and Prepare stakeholder review questionnaire for audits
  • Collect, Verify and analyze the data
  • Benchmark results against internal and/or external measures
  • Report the gaps and findings
  • Create a plan to address non conformists and strengthen the value chain