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Contingent Workforce Management Solutions

Companies rely on a diverse workforce of full-time employees, temporary staff, independent contractors, and consultants. Managing and building this varied workforce can be complex, costly, and time consuming. That’s why many businesses choose to outsource their contingent workforce management, leaving them to focus on their core business. Acculogix provides a variety of solutions to your workforce management challenges, including our Managed Service Provider Solution and Vendor Management Services Solution.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Businesses face many challenges in hiring and maintaining a talented workforce. Lengthy talent searches, difficult and time consuming coordination between hiring managers and human resources, and unstructured pay and bill rates all impact a company’s ability to have an efficient, cost-effective workforce management process.

Acculogix offers a suite of solutions to your workforce management challenges, and when combined, produces the ideal outsourcing solution: The Acculogix Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution.

As your MSP, we are prepared to meet all of your full service hiring needs, allowing your business to consolidate all staffing needs under one roof. We manage on-boarding, timesheet approval, compliance, and off-boarding procedures using our superior online technology to ensure that your workforce management is efficient, simple, and affordable.


With hundreds of staffing agencies competing and recruiting for your company’s job openings, trying to manage communications between recruiters/vendors, hiring managers, and human resources can be especially frustrating and challenging. Acculogix offers a VMS model that facilitates and enhances an overall contingent workforce procurement process.

Our dedicated Program Management Office maintains communication between your company and staffing firms, ensuring a seamless and streamlined hiring process. Using our integrated web-enabled environment, we maintain a vendor-neutral approach, allowing you to find the top talent from a multitude of sources.

Benefits of MSP
  • Reduce the time taken for the entire hiring cycle
  • Manage vendors in a single location and ensure vendor compliance
  • Use data to drive vendors to provide competitive rates for positions
  • Employment paperwork, documentation, and timesheets in a central location and managed by Acculogix
  • Transparent process that works for your specific needs and challenges
  • By consolidating all staffing needs in one place, your company should experience significant cost savings

As your MSP provider, we take charge of your entire contingent staffing needs, from managing payroll to recruiting the top talent to monitoring vendors and contractors on a day-to-day basis. Let us take the reigns on your workforce management and let you get back to business.