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Acculogix provides comprehensive full HR service to clients by bringing the technical domain expertise as well as ability to hire & retain best people We have:

  • Experienced workforce and recruiting resources to map, identify and hire the talent.
  • Domain Expertise (IT/CAD/FEA) and technical infrastructure to evaluate and train the people before bringing to client.
  • Proprietary web based empower system to manage the staffing lifecycle and HR management system.
  • Internal HR Policies & team structure to manage the workforce.
  • Tied up with nationally recognized 3rd party agencies to do BG checks, provide insurances etc. as per client needs
  • Provide Contract/Contract-to-hire/Permanent recruitments as per the need of the clients.
  • Support both Technical as well as non-technical domains with equal ease.

Permanent Staffing

The permanent staffing recruitment practice of Acculogix caters to providing companies, with talents at all levels and domains for their direct positions. We believe success of a company depends on the people who are involved in the day to day activities of the company.

Our sourcing strategy is based on conventional and non-conventional methods and targeted towards meeting the talent needs of the clients. We are highly equipped with technically sound consultants who are capable of taking the candidates through step by step process so that they can effectively evaluate the candidates and place them as required.

Acculogix identifies prospective candidates for various positions in a company, who can easily buy in to the goals of the organization and also adapt themselves with the culture of the organization.Assessments are made based on various facts defined by the clients as well as our expertise gained over several man years of delivering similar services. We also possess technical capability to assess the candidates on varied parameters.

Advantages of permanent staffing to the companies
  • Right solution to complete key roles
  • Reduces training period and training cost
  • Improves productivity and profitability
  • Cost benefits and controls costs
Advantages of permanent staffing to the Employees
  • Job security
  • Company paid benefits and training
  • Advancement opportunities and social constant
Contract Staffing

Acculogix has stout processes & tools to aid in sourcing, validation and evaluation of profiles to deliver candidates of the required skills and caliber. Contract staffing model provides an excellent opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensures in-time recruitment for critical projects, thus avoiding overheads of a full time employee. We have many years of experience in the said field. This experience has groomed us into consultants who have an excellent blend of Technology and Industry expertise.

Engagement Model Focusing primarily towards client satisfaction is our engagement model which is flexible and transparent. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various models in detail; we are sure to deliver something for you!

If you are satisfied with the performance of any or all of the contract employees you can decide to absorb them on to your company rolls at a later stage as per agreed terms.

The Approach Our staffing service is driven by a carefully devised process, customized according to key factors which vary from one client to another.


Contract employment allows both parties to assess their interface and relevance for a long run working relationship. Most contract assignments lead to permanent employment

Choosing contract employees through Acculogix allows you to maintain focus on your key business actions rather than spending valuable time on hiring initiatives. You will also reduce expenses on management problems and associated costs saving money and time.